Bloggers Give Their Initial MoP Verdict – Round 2

It’s the end of the first week of Pandaria – so has it been a success? Bloggers have been weighing in all week – we already rounded up the very early impressions and some off-the-beaten-path posts, so here’s our second roundup of the week!

I’m guessing that quite a few people are waiting for the weekend to weigh in with their thoughts, so we’ll probably do another roundup on Monday!

Longer Pieces

  • Big Bear Butt goes to the defense of his fellow ursines, asking just what’s up with all the hate for Pandaren, anyway?“I’m wondering if most of the rage at Pandas as a playable race is coming from people who wanted a race to feed their power fantasies better.”
  • Erinys says that she’s having the same feeling about Pandaria she had about Vanilla WoW“In short, I’m basically back to vanilla. The little wide eyed girl in a candy shop trying to do everything at once because there is so much to see, to listen to and to play with.”
  • The Grumpy Elf isn’t. In fact, he’s more than a bit impressed with Pandaria’s offerings“Even venturing through the dread wastes I felt it was more menacing than anything deathwing ever threw at us. Could the game finally be giving us a story again? A feeling of immersion again? A feeling of fullness? “
  • And Zinn is so far undecided if he likes the expansion or not“If I had to say anything bad about the Pandaren starting zone, it would probably be that the Pandaren are not half as peace loving and altruistic as their serene faces want to give impression of.”

Short and Sweet

  • Targeter believes that this expansion could be Blizzard’s masterpiece, period” It’s the perfect balm for my recent MMO hurts. It’s funny yet poignant. It’s action-packed yet contemplative.”
  • Kaozz hasn’t managed to do too much of the expansion yet, but gives us very early first impressions – _“

    The music is interesting and the world of Pandaria is gorgeous. I really love the look and feel thus far.”_

  • Cuppy gives early impressions too, since she’s taking her time with the content rather than rushing“I’m loving the little stories and finding myself truly caring about these new Pandaren people. What are they all about? Where and how do they live? What is their culture, and how can I be respectful of it?”

  • Rohan summarises his experience on his second day, giving details on the new paladin mechanics and the second half of Jade Forest“I’m also enjoying the new Retribution model. Most abilities give Holy Power, and Inquistion/Templar’s Verdict use Holy Power. It’s a much tighter loop, and is a lot of fun. “

  • Tobold finds the extremely similar openings of Jade Forest for Horde and Alliance more than a bit disappointing“I had hoped that somebody playing alts of both sides would at least have two different experiences of the start of Pandaria, but that was not the case. I find that a bit cheap.”

  • Bob at Altaclysmic gives us a quick review of the expansion so far from the professions’ point of view“The supply of cloth is plenty to cover both First Aid and Tailoring needs. Random drops seem to provide an endless supply of greens for disenchanting. Enchanting also has a large selection of enchants to boost your leveling. “

  • And Rush at Scribblings on the Asylum Wall is loving the visuals of the expansion“I played through the original Alliance quest line in the beta, so I knew the zone was gorgeous, but if it’s possible the northern part of the zone where the Horde lands is even more spectacular.”

Are you writing a first impressions post? If so, let us know below or link to us from the article and we’ll pick it up!