Bits Of Mists

It’s Day 2 of Mists, and we will indeed do another big “impressions so far” roundup soon. However, today we’re focusing on a few posts that are taking a different angle on Mists of Pandaria.

From farming to the reality of Pandaria’s space utilisation, these bloggers take a look at some aspects of MoP that you may not have considered yet:

  • The Godmother has leaped whole-heartedly into farming – and I don’t mean ore. She gives a detailed overview of her Tiller experience so far“There appears to be a fair bit of misinformation on exactly how the Tillers work, so lets try and use this first (of what is likely to be many) ‘I Own a Farm’ Reports in clearing up some key details”
  • Killed In A Smiling Accident’s Zoso satirically reports on the FURY around the, well, lack of fury about Mists, Pandaren, and so on““I just don’t understand it” said keen WoW player Ian Keenwowplayer; “after the rage that greeted the announcement of Pandaria at Blizzon 2011 I was sure we were in for a maelstrom of all-caps fury, but it’s been a real let-down. “
  • Big Bear Butt looks at Pandaria, and finds it astonishingly real and lived-in as a simulated world“The big thing to me, the thing that feels RIGHT, is it feels like a land people actually LIVE in!”
  • And Keredria gives us a detailed overview of what she’s starting to believe could be a real competitor for raiding time – yes, Pet Battles“There was boasting, there was swearing, there was crying after losses and celebration after wins. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think you were hearing us fight some dungeon or raid boss.”

What little nooks and crannies of Mists are you exploring?