(Almost) Everyone Hates Fall Of Theramore

Getting the impression that everyone hates the new WoW scenario Fall Of Theramore? Well, you’re not right.

Almost everyone hates it – or at least, is disappointed or underwhelmed.

Sometimes, Blizzard produces content that is just dazzlingly good. The Rogue legendary questline (IMO). The Wrathgate. Ulduar.

It would appear that the Fall Of Theramore, the only in-game event documenting the Horde’s destruction of the Alliance’s city of Theramore in World of Warcraft, is not one of those times.

From bugs to lack of explanation or storytelling, very few people are impressed:

  • Tzufit is extremely unimpressed with the fact that the scenario seems to assume all WoW players are also reading the tie-in novels“Pure and simple, the story of this scenario makes absolutely no sense without having read Tides of War. Blizzard is no stranger to forcing us to go outside of the game for the full story about most major lore developments, but we usually have enough pieces of the puzzle given to us in-game that we can get a decent clue as to what’s going on.”
  • The Godmother looks at the lack of testing of Fall on the beta servers, and concludes this event’s the equivalent of the movie industry’s “dumper” movies” Really, this is an act of Genocide on a massive scale, it will signal all out war between the Horde and the Alliance, and you deal with it in less time than it takes to get a pizza delivered…?”
  • Saxsy not only dislikes the lack of in-game storytelling (and gives a great plot summary for the confused), but feels that the story itself all but breaks the gameworld” If everyone did what was natural and logical and perfectly reasonable, it would suck to be a Horde player. There would be no real home city in Northrend. Or, as might be very likely, Outland as well.”
  • Dinaer was seriously underwhelmed, and disappointed comparing the Fall to past launch events, although he did find it a briefly amusing distraction” Its a 20 minute distraction with no replayability. It wasn’t even that immersive. I couldn’t name one of the bosses I killed. They were generic.”
  • Even Adam Holisky, editor-in-chief of WoW Insider, calls the event “underwhelming” as he kicks off a discussion of the event’s success or failure
  • Arioch is a big fan of the idea of scenarios, but found this first one extremely disappointing“I think scenarios will be an awesome addition to break the monotony of grinding more intense dungeons, but I feel this was a poor place to begin them. “
  • Likewise, Zellviren is looking forward to scenarios, but finds the way that Fall avoids telling its own story in order to make room for the books borderline unethical of Blizzard“Asking me to spend MORE money on a novel, just so that I can experience that story in its entirety, is bang out of order and, frankly, Blizzard should be ashamed of themselves for taking this route two expansions in a row.”
  • Lyrestra writes a short piece from the perspective of someone with no knowledge of the lore behind Fall“Who was that prisoner? Why was he captured? Who started the hostilities? Why are we attacking Theramore? I don’t know. There were no indication of what was going on, or if there was, I missed it.”
  • Rohan argues that the novelisations have been one of the worst things that happened to World of Warcraft“Stories need a beginning, a middle, and an end. More and more, it seems that Blizzard is putting the beginning and end in a book, and featuring a small part of the middle in-game. “
  • Matty only managed to enjoy the Fall scenario by reading up independently and writing her own story“I just know there was something I was really looking forward to, allowed myself to get swept up in the moment, and then, like seeing Cinderella smoking behind the castle’s bleachers or Mickey yelling at Minnie, I feel there is a bit of a let-down here.”
  • And Eva Marie writes a very short piece on why she liked the event – the only mostly positive response to Fall I’ve read in over 700 blogs the Pot follows“Yes, it was short. I would have loved to fight with Kinndy and Jaina, too. But it was fun. I got to blow up a boat.”

Ouch. I must admit I’ve not played the Fall yet, and I was hoping it’d reverse the “story’s in the books” tendancies WoW has displayed on and off.

What did you think of the Fall of Theramore?