WoW Patch 5.04 Impressions Roundup

New talents! New glyphs! Replacements for beloved dungeons!

If you’ve been following the Melting Pot this week, you’ll have been unable to avoid the news of WoW’s game-changing 5.04 patch, which dropped at – surprise surprise – the same time as Guild Wars 2’s launch. But how has it been recieved in the blogging community?

  • The Grumpy Elf asked us all to be patient with the inevitable patching problems“Don’t expect to log in but not because blizzard is doing something bad, it is because they are doing something good. “
  • Navimie asked all her guidiles what they thought the patch would hold
  • Tzufit writes about choosing talents, and how not to get caught in the same old “optimal talent” trap“The new talent trees give us a chance to choose our abilities based on something other than what we HAVE to take in order to do our jobs effectively (which, obviously, isn’t truly a choice anyway). I realize this is a pretty huge shift in the way that we think, so you may be wondering how else you would make up your mind about which talents to take.”
  • Apple Cider looked back on her memories of Scholomance as the dungeon disappears – in its Classic form – forever” Stuff like this was secretive, meandering and full of lore. Definitely not the caliber some quests have today, but definitely not easy to finish.”
  • Aeliel also writes a long piece on memories of Scholomance that will fill Classic players like me with nostalgia“Lord Alexei Barov… oh, God. The painful memories. He was the hardest of the lot and usually the first to be killed (both because he was the hardest, and because of the usual killing strategy).”
  • Cynwise wrote a really interesting post looking at the difficulties WoW faces balancing competing on graphics with keeping the game playable on old PCs” I’ve said before that Warcraft is really a video game bolted on top of a social network. But that strength is also a weakness as the game ages, because WoW competes in the market with those other games”
  • And finally, The Ancient Gaming Noob looks closely at the claim I indirectly made at the start of this post – that WoW 5.04 was released as a spoiler against the Guild Wars 2 launch“Aside from the opening up of races… and they key race, the Pandas don’t show up until September 25th… there doesn’t seem to be a lot there that would legitimately appear to be a temptation to bring players back to Azeroth.”

How’s 5.04 treating you?