Enhancement Shaman Quick-Start Guide for WoW Patch 5.4 – Stats, talents and spec, glyphs, rotation, reforging and gems, and ability priorities

Mists of Pandaria brought with it one hugely anticipated change for Enhancement Shamans – Thrall won’t be in trouble all the time! Oh, yeah, also new talents, Pandaren, new continent, etc. But not everything’s changed – Garrosh is still a knob and WoW’s Patch [patchnumber] threatens changes to talents, totems, glyphs and more. So, if you’re itching to stick a new and improved axe into The Big Crazy Orc, here’s our quick start guide to get you gemmed, reforged, au fait with your new rotation and ability priority queue, and out there hitting things.

Updated [guideupdated] to World of Warcraft Patch [patchnumber]

Changes to Enhancement Shamans in WoW patch [patchnumber]

Some talent changes and Fire Nova buff.

Enhancement “Rotation” and Priorities

OUr DPS rotations remain mostly the same as they were in Cataclysm – the big change being the removal of buff totems. These rotations assume you’re using our recommended talents.

Single-target DPS as Enhancement

  • Top Priority: Put down a Searing totem if one isn’t down already or is about to vanish.
  • Second Priority: Cast Lightning Bolt if you have 5 stacks of Maelstrom Weapon. Cast Storm Strike if it’s available.
  • Third Priority: Cast Flame Shock if Unleash Flame is active. Cast Lava Lash if it’s available.
  • Fourth Priority: Use Unleash Elements if it’s available. If that’s not available, use Earth Shock. If that’s out, and you have a stack of Maelstrom Weapon, cast Lightning Bolt.


For 2 or more enemies use your regular single-target rotation, but cast Fire Nova whenever it’s available. At 3 or more, use Chain Lightning instead of Lightning Bolt.


  • Use Feral Spirit on cooldown.
  • Use Spiritwalker’s Grace whenever you’ll need to move and attack.
  • Use Ascendance on cooldown, or when you’ll need to attack at range.
  • Use Fire and Earth Elemental Totems whenever the elementals are guaranteed to be able to attack the boss for a solid minute.
  • Use Stormlash Totem when your entire group is buffed, usually at the same time as Heroism/Bloodlust/Time Warp.
  • Use Heroism/Bloodlust when your raid leader tells you to, or in dungeons when your group needs to deal high DPS.
  • Shamanistic Rage can either be used when you’re taking damage, or if you’re very low on mana.
  • Spirit Walk is a great speed-increasing cooldown.


Rememeber to cast Lightning Shield, Windfury on your main weapon, and Flametongue on your offhand weapon.

Enhancement Shaman Talent Choices

Most Enhancement Shaman talent choices are very situational, and you should expect to end up swapping often if you’re raiding. However, here’s a good general-purpose build to get started with:

  • Tier 1: Astral Shift – defensive cooldown.
  • Tier 2: Earthgrab Totem – only situationally useful.
  • Tier 3: Call of the Elements – resets cooldowns on your totems.
  • Tier 4: Elemental Mastery
  • Tier 5: Ancestral Guidance – gives you a short-cooldown raid healing spell.
  • Tier 6: Unleashed Fury

Stats, reforging and gemming for Enhancement Shaman

Agility is our strongest stat. Then we’re looking to get Hit and Expertise capped (2550 rating or 7.5%). After that, Mastery is our strongest stat and Crit by far our weakest.

Reforging: Reforge for Hit and Expertise caps, then reforge to Mastery. Reforge from Critical Strike first, then other secondary stats.

Gems: For Red slots, Delicate (Agility) gems. For Yellow slots, Adept (Agi/Mastery), and for Blue slots, Glinting (Agi/Hit).

Meta Gem: Agile meta gem.

Enha Glyphs

There are a lot of situational glyph choices, but here’s a good no-downside loadout to use for general purpose:

Major: Glyph of Fire Elemental Totem, Glyph of Feral Spirit, Glyph of Lighting Shield.

Minor: Your choice!

Enhancement Shaman enchants and item enhancements

You should almost always use a profession enhancement item if it provides appropriate stats instead of a general enchant.

  • Shoulder – Greater Tiger Claw Inscription
  • Cloak – Accuracy
  • Chest – Glorious Stats
  • Wrist – Greater Agility
  • Hands – Superior Expertise
  • Belt – Living Steel Belt Buckle
  • Legs – Shadowleather Leg Armor
  • Feet – Blurred Speed
  • Weapon – Enchant Weapon – Dancing Steel

There are quite a few good Enhancement Shaman resources out there, although they’re often pretty hardcore:

  • Icy Veins continue to dominate the WoW theorycraft scene with their great Enhancement guide
  • Finally, as a WoW player, you should really check out the latest and greatest from the blogosphere on World of Warcraft, here at the Melting Pot.

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