WoW in Iran, TSW Marketing, Namechecked in WoW and more

Yep, just because a massive MMO launches, doesn’t mean the rest of the MMO world stops in its tracks!

So here’s a roundup of some really interesting posts that didn’t focus on either Guild Wars or WoW 5.04 over the last few days!

  • Ren Reynolds at Terra Nova asks why Blizzard won’t refund Iranian players who are no longer able to play“One thing I don’t get is how “prohibit Blizzard from doing business with residents of certain nations, including Iran” and “this also prevents us from providing any refunds” work together. “
  • Tobold takes issue with the idea that The Secret World deserved more success than it got“I do not think that The Secret World “deserves” a larger following. It isn’t as if by some error of marketing the potential customers failed to notice the game.”
  • The Straw Fellow would like to see more honesty about the MMORPG lifecycle“I titled this post “Turning Lies into Marketing” because I felt that companies always lie about going F2P, due to the stigma it attaches to their game.”
  • Perculia discovered that she now has an in-game item named after her, and blogs about having this suddenly-permanent memorial to her in-game“The thought must pass through everyone’s mind how cool it would be to have a tangible reminder of their time spent in Azeroth, a place where so many things are transient yet wrapped up in memories. And well, that happened.”
  • And Eric Dekker issues a call for gold bloggers to get out of their niche and become more involved in the wider WoW blogging community“Something about gold blogging seems to have an effect of keeping our interactions within the gold making community while most of the other WoW Bloggers out there enjoy the the benefits of cross pollination”

So, who’s been playing an MMO other than Guild Wars or WoW lately, then? Still enjoying it?