WoW Drops More Than A Million Subscribers: Blogger Reactions

In their latest earnings call, Blizzard revealed that WoW had lost more than 1 million subscribers this quarter. Is it all over for WoW?

At the end of June, WoW had lost more than 1 million subscribers in the last quarter. Blizzard and Activision blamed the launch of Diablo 3, as well as the lack of content for WoW – but what’s really going on? Bloggers of all stripes had their say:

  • The Godmother doesn’t think this is any surprise, or that Blizzard are going to be less than dominant any time soon“What is less likely to be considered by the naysayers is the absolute stranglehold Blizzard has placed on 2012 already. 16 MILLION visits to 10 MILLION copies of Diablo 3.”
  • The Ancient Gaming Noob doesn’t think that Mists of Pandaria will actually boost subscriber numbers significantly“My gut says that we are past the point where a new expansion can boost subscriptions significantly. If nothing else, there is the curse of the level based game with which to contend. 90 levels and four expansions start to look daunting to new players. “
  • Azuriel lays the blame for the subscription fall squarely on the single biggest drought in content in WoW history – with proof“In what must only be completely unrelated news, WoW has shattered all previous records for “longest time without a new content patch.” No, seriously.”
  • And Zellviren believes that WoW is indeed in decline, but that doesn’t mean we should all flee from it like rats off a sinking ship“My point is that for every factor hinting at a boom come MoP, there’s a factor suggesting bust. I’ve no doubt subscriptions will probably rise again for the launch, but I don’t think we’ll see that number breach 10 million and I’m probably also expecting small losses to then start creeping in once more over the life of the expansion.”

What do you think? What do these numbers mean?