Weekend Roundup: MMOs In General

This weekend brought us drugs, death, children and dragons in the “general MMOs” category.

Yes, of interest to anyone who plays MMORPGs, we’ve got a number of strong and interesting opinions – from an argument that children shouldn’t play MMOs at all, to Blizzard’s response to accusations of drug peddling, and more…

  • Alexander Brazie continues to discuss MMO design – this week, he explains how game designers take an encounter from fiction to gameplay“The sequence I just described has been played out hundreds of times in legends, games and the imagination for as long as anyone can remember. Little wonder then that so many games seek to recreate that exact experience. But what is it about the story above that hits home so deeply with people? “
  • WoW Mogul argues that games like WoW are rated “Teen” for a reason, and he says they could be harmful for children to play” This is not the local village where you know everyone and even an ostensibly ‘safe’ guild still houses people you only know via their avataric persona. You actually don’t really know them at all – you can’t.”
  • The Mighty Viking Hamster, meanwhile, looks at accusations that Blizzard and other MMO developers are basically drug pushers“Is it realistic to think that developers such as Blizzard have introduced certain elements into the game for the sole reason of hooking people?”
  • And Clockwork looks at death – specifically, how various MMORPGs handle death to make it dramatic, immersive, but still fun“Real War is not fun…people die randomly, painfully and suddenly…hardly something I want to experience in a game (a “real” war game would probably play more like a survival horror than anything else…maybe Day Z is on to something)”

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