Vanity, Trinity, and Dodges

And finally, amidst the dust from the milliards of SWTOR posts, here are some other really interesting pieces from the blogosphere over the last day or so…

  • The Mighty Viking Hamster asks how an MMO could really break out of the Holy Trinity model“Some would argue that in Guild Wars 2 you can change your spec on the fly and that is definitely true. However that is beyond the point being made here. Making the HT more accessible is one thing. Claiming that you don’t need to rely on it is something else entirely. “
  • Anne Stickney at WoW Insider wonders if Blizzard could incentivise raiders using nothing but pure vanity“The first time I saw Benediction, I wanted it more than anything else in the world — not because of the stats, not because of the set bonuses, not because it would make me super-powerful, but because it would make my character look really neat.”
  • And Melmoth at Killed In A Smiling Accident writes a really fascinating piece on dodge mechanics in MMORPGs like TERA and Guild Wars 2“‘Dodge! Dodge!’ cry the developers; thus I fling my character around the screen like a freshly landed sea bass flopping its way across the deck of a boat, trying—in utmost futility—to escape its tormentors. In the meantime, my enemy stands on the spot and spins around slowly, punching me all the while.”

What do you think of those ideas?