The Secret World, One Month In

It’s been around for a month – so, is outlier modern-horror MMO The Secret World looking like it’s going to sink or swim?

The Secret World has just run a free-to-play weekend, and some of the better-known MMO bloggers went by to check it out – whilst others have been there all along. So, what’s their opinion of the state of the World (…of – well, the world) one month in?

  • Kadomi was suspicious of The Secret World, but one weekend later, she’s completely converted“I have to say, this was the first MMO since WoW that totally made me forget the time. When my SO told me it was time to do groceries after I sat down to play it at noon, and it was miraculously 6 pm, I was boggling. It really sucked me in, with a fantastic atmosphere, great storytelling, and interesting missions.”
  • MMO Gamer Chick thought of TSW as just something to pass the time, but now she’s even considering a lifetime subscription“I even find myself suffering a little from “lifetime sub envy”, wistfully contemplating the wisdom of my friends and fellow players who have upgraded to the Grand Master Pack. And let me tell you something: I. Don’t. Do. Lifetime. This is why feeling this way is kind of a shock.”
  • Spinks writes up her week in various MMOs – and it’s safe to say that TSW comes out of it better than WoW does” I love urban fantasy which this game does in spades. I didn’t have much of a chance to really check out any of the riddle quests so I’m still unsure whether I have the patience for that type of play or would get frustrated too quickly.”
  • And Syp reports on the success of the free weekend from the perspective of an at-launch TSW player” I think this special free weekend/celebration weekend was a smart move on Funcom’s part. It was gussed up in a way that didn’t just blare “FREE TRIAL”, but made a genuine party out of it. Funcom’s got a great little game here and certainly needs to be aggressive in promoting it, especially in light of its subscription-only nature and the upcoming fall line-up.”

Are you playing The Secret World? Are you enjoying it?