Should You Play GW2 or The Secret World?

Reviews aren’t normally top of our list of things to feature on the Melting Pot, not least because an MMO is a difficult thing to review at the best of times.

But this week we’re seeing a new, interesting phenomenon – the “first month in” review. And with an unprecedented number of games jostling for our attention at the moment, I know I’ve found these unusually-thorough reviews very interesting! And with so many MMO choices to make, here are a few varied but thorough perspectives on the current contenders:

  • Stubborn is reviewing The Secret World after a solid month, and gives an interesting overview of which of the game’s mechanics age well or badly“Dear god. I’m having trouble with some single pulls when I’m alone. I ran into a beast called “Billy’s Muse” in Blue Mountain and it MURDERED me. I had to carefully clear the whole area around it, drink a barrier potion, then carefully pull and really let lose with dps while madly scrambling from its ton of AoE effects to survive. One mob. A normal mob. I loved it. “
  • Kadomi looks back on the massive amount of beta-testing she’s done in Guild Wars 2, and makes her final purchase decision“My trepidation with GW2 is that it’s really not that much fun to play solo. Just having guildies around made a difference. Enough of a difference? I do not know. Probably not. It might be different if I had any sort of interest in PvP whatsoever, but I absolutely don’t.”
  • And in related news, Psynister reviews The Secret World after the free weekend. His review is slightly spoiler-heavy (don’t read if you don’t want to know how all three factions’ introductions go) but very thorough – and it illustrates how TSW has made some choices which will delight some people and alienate others“The thing I disliked the most about this game was the language. I knew going into it that the language was going to be there thanks to people giving me the heads up on twitter, but I’m not overly sensitive to it so I figured I could handle it. The problem wasn’t that it existed in the game in the first place, but rather that it was over done and handled in such a way that it completely nullified the story rather than adding anything to it.”

I wish I had time to play TSW, but I just don’t, particularly with MoP and GW2 bearing down on us. I’m interested to hear from those of you who do and have, though!

What MMOs are you playing and enjoying right now?