Should We Fight For Our Communities?

The discussion about whether we should fight for civil behaviour in MMOs – and whether we even can – is really raging in the blogosphere now. Today we’ve got four really interesting perspectives on the subject, from all angles:

  • Stubborn at Sheep The Diamond makes a really interesting argument about /ignore that I’d never considered – that by using it, you’re making the community worse for others“When you /ignore another player without reporting, kicking, or at least explaining to them what’s wrong, what you’re really doing is solving a problem for yourself only, while shuffling off the problem to others. That player may never end up in your party again, but he’s still out there causing problems for everyone else in your battlegroup. Sure, you’re fine, but nothing at all has actually be resolved.”
  • River at High Latency Life argues that we can’t protect people – we have to stand aside, he says, so that they can learn not to be prey” A person needs to develop a thick skin, and one does not develop a thick skin unless we put them out in harm’s way, and let them learn about how harsh the world really is.”
  • Klepsacovic argues that the disadvantages of an LFD-free WoW aren’t disadvantages at all, but tradeoffs for increased civility“For example, I’d gladly trade my instant queues for 15 minute queues (in the form of yelling in trade chat) if it meant that my groups weren’t filled with jerks. Going from group of jerks to not group of jerks is a big upgrade, whereas adding 15 minutes to the wait time isn’t a very big deal to me.”
  • And Healing The Masses considers the entire debate from the unusual angle of an enthusiastic TERA player“I honestly miss the vibrancy of that small Tera community when it first began and will keep looking for it in the next. It really is funny how much simple game mechanics and direction can change the social nature of an mmo into something either quiet or crass.”

What do you think?