Ratshag Dies, F2P is WTF, and more – Saturday Links

It’s been a great, busy week in the MMOSphere – and so we couldn’t contain it all in five days. Here’s your weekend goodness – and we’re beginning on a sad note.

  • One of the most prominent Orcish voices is no more. That’s right – Michael, the man behind the curtain of inimitable Orcish blogger Ratshag of Need More Rage, is lowering the curtain on Ratshag’s writing, and the Orc himself went out in style. The entire MMO Melting Pot community will miss him – but we’re looking forward to seeing what Michael does next.
  • Syp looks at the definition of “Free To Play”, and is quite frankly overwhelmed by all the things it can mean“Should one term be used to cover such a varied blanket of business models? Should we be coming up with better terms for these different categories, and if so, what should they be?”
  • And Green Armadillo goes looking for evidence for or against the theory that subscription is irrelevant – gameplay is all“What if the truth is that every MMO that has succeeded under the subscription model has done so because that game – at the time – offered a compelling experience that was not available elsewhere? “

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