LoTRO Nearly, Pet Battles, and Body Language

And we round out today with a look to the past, and a few to the future. From what LoTRO nearly was, to what Guild Wars 2’s endgame will be…

  • Andang looks back at what LoTRO nearly was – a game called Middle-Earth Online, concieved well before the LoTR films, and very, very different to LoTRO…“All classes were locked to a single race. It looks like each race had two classes each and each class had two ways to progress. There was a good way and an evil way to progress, each with its own storyline, quests, objectives and even good only and evil only locations.”
  • Chris looks at the much-discussed question of what exactly Guild Wars 2’s endgame will be, and comes up with some fascinating quotes from the Googles“For my part, I enjoy the traditional raid-game but can’t often take part in it, so changing up the dynamic is appealing to me on a personal level. That said, I have serious concerns about the longevity of a non-progression endgame.”
  • Erinys lets us into a guilty secret – she loves WoW pets, but so far really isn’t loving the new Pet Battles subgame“Once you’ve captured the pets, the frustration doesn’t end. All critters aren’t created equal which means that quite often you find yourself having to let go of little Flopsy the cottontailed bunny because he’s a common bunny and you’re after his rare big brother.”
  • And Michael Grey rounds out the day with talk of a different part of the future – his tips for playing with a baby on your chest“Don’t go main tanking a 25-man heroic dungeon with 24 impatient raiders if you’ve got a baby on your chest. The best-case scenario will be a merry yellow stain on your chest. The worst case scenario will be lots of tears and recriminations, to say nothing of the baby’s reaction.”

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