I’ve Got The ‘Flu, So Here Are Some Great Posts

It’s clever-title-free day at the Pot today, as I’ve got something nasty and have barely dragged myself to the keyboard today. But the blogosphere does not sleep, and there are some really interesting discussions going on.

So, to the posts!

  • Belghast and MMO Gamer Chick both write in praise of Funcom’s customer service for players of The Secret World“In one instance, I reported a bugged encounter in a dungeon, and we moved on to the next boss. The GM responded before we were through the first phase, and patiently waited for us to finish the fight so I could more properly respond.”
  • Jim Younkin alerts us to something both very interesting and quite worrying – there’s mounting evidence that WoW is currently suffering from an item duplication bug“Since July 14, 2012 the number of Deathchargers available ballooned to 1014 as of this writing. That is a 10 times increase in less than one month. If that isn’t damning evidence of rampant item duplication I don’t know what is.”
  • Apple Cider Mage writes a really interesting post looking at compassion fatigue as a Guild Master“Firstly, I think that it is entirely believable that guild leading can max out your ability to care about others. On top of all the other relationships and responsibilities we might have in our lives (partners, spouses, and children are a big one), leading a guild with your whole heart can tax an already dwindling supply of caring for others. “
  • Azuriel considers just how big a risk Blizzard’s new “More than Dungeons” endgame is“De-emphasizing dungeons is a paradigm shift and Grand Social Experiment all rolled into one.”
  • And Syncaine wonders if Guild Wars 2, for all its fanfare, will suffer from a player retention problem“With no item chase, no long-term leveling progression, and no real ‘point’ beyond moving your server up in the standings (which will only appeal to a sub-section of the PvP community, so not exactly a mainstream thing), why exactly are people going to be logging in a few months after release?”

Uurgh snuffle thud. I’ll see everyone after the weekend with, hopefully, a less throbbing head, and definitely more very cool posts.

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