Groupthink, Houses and Baby Fat

And finally, at the end of a hell of a week for quality commentary and analysis in the blogosphere, here’s some more great writing and thought for the weekend:

  • Jeromai writes a great, angry post on smug maltreatment of new players in MMOs, particularly focussing on A Tale In The Desert and Glitch“I keep thinking of the Edmund Burke attribution. Paraphrasing, “The only thing necessary for evil to prevail (or triumph, depending on which quote website you ask) is for good men to do nothing.” Should I have spoken up and said something? Was I guilty of passive evil, of allowing something that I thought wrong (the rampant bullying), to continue unchallenged?”
  • Entombed presents a … not entirely serious guide to choosing your Guild Wars 2 profession“You like to envelop yourself in blue flame branding about a greatsword, yelling about encouraging your allies, while actually doing nothing. If something goes wrong, blame it on the warrior for doing no damage. If that doesn’t sound immediately boring, than the guardian may be right for you.”
  • And Ravious is in term-coining mode as he calls high subscriber numbers at an MMO’s launch their “baby fat”“The problem, I feel, has been one of an obese launch followed by a much leaner steady cycle. MMOs are now born with baby fat that will definitely go away. Many bloggers seem to be unaware of this and simply compare launch population to current population in order to announce “fail”.”

I’m away next week, so Johnnie will be presiding over the Pot – although we’ve also got the odd guest post coming. Should be a good week, and I’ll see you all in a week’s time for Absolute MMO Mayhem as Diablo 3 and WoW patches go head-to-head with Guild Wars 2. Looking forward to it.