From The Future – An MMO Post from 2020

I’m back, but I’m burning the midnight oil today on the Quick-Start Guides for WoW Patch 5.0, so here’s the last of our “MMOs Of The Future” guest posts – from Saif of Raiding After Dark, looking at a very plausible view of the MMORPG future in eight years’ time…

August 21, 2020

The subways into work this morning were all delayed so I tried to kill time shuffling goods on the game Market – I found a couple of good deals, but the data was tying up the spectrum. Everybody in the car was probably logged in too, so I switched to some resource gathering on my phone. Found some good nodes and left a few drones to farm, with a couple of my patented security bots in case someone comes poaching (I’m still selling those, by the way, if you want any.)

Work was difficult to focus on because we’ve been trying so hard to take the Citadel that I couldn’t let it go. I took the logs from last night to review in the SimSim during lunch. Which, by the way, if you haven’t been using it, is fantastic, you need to get it. Briefly – SimSim is a third party application that lets you review the logs in real-time with pause, rewind, and slow-play at any speed you want, and it gives you a free-roaming camera to see who’s doing what, where, at any point. It just reads the game files and reconstructs the fight, frame by frame. Amazing.

Seems like we could really use a bit of help figuring out how to move against a line of fire without cover. You think we’d know that by now. Yes, the other guild is way better equipped, but we have far more experience. I can’t believe we snoozed and let them take the Citadel in the first place. Maybe this humiliation will kick my guild’s ass into shaping up.

The Citadel also dropped some massive firepower into the other guild’s lap. Lucky bastards had a wall full of Stingers – do you know how much melee we have right now? It was a massacre. But we’ll get it. We’ve been top in our bracket for a long time, and it isn’t because we let some new scrub guild get ahead of us and stay there. I think I’ve found a couple of attack routes we haven’t used before, and I sent off the sims to our Officers for review, in case they hadn’t seem them.

Oh, and someone had tried to gank my bots, but my security drones got them good. I have some video I’ll link below – look at 2:34 when she freaks out as they come out of camouflage and snare her. Never gets old. I’m so glad they finally let us program our own drones. Designing them is well and good, but if every drone of every type behaves the same way, what’s the point? That was so stupid. nd that was lunch.

I know. I spent lunch hour looking at 3D maps of a match and watching security footage from a robot I dreamed up, all from inside a video game. I’m a nerd, let’s move on.

The afternoon was slow at work so I set out for some questing – I turned on the Augmented Reality interface and hit our office gym to earn some points, and then skipped my afternoon snack and took a walk around the block to cap off for the day.

I know a lot of people think the entertainment packages are the easiest way to grind out points, but I found the exercise package to work best for me, and I kind of got tired of the amount of advertising they sneak into the entertainment package. There’s a reason it’s so cheap, folks! Maybe next year I’ll switch to an education package and take up a new language or something. But for right now, the exercise package helped me loose 10 pounds so far, so I’m sticking with it.

By the time I got back to my office things had picked up again and I didn’t actually get home till 7 and missed raid. They were already locked in the instance, so I decided to go screw with the other Guild’s resource managers while they were busy in the fight. I sat down with a low-calorie drink (more points!), and started going after their bots.

It’s like taking candy from kids. I have a feeling they have a single guild engineer or they bought some cheap schematics because all their bots have the same basic configuration, and they’re so easy to take apart. I’ll bet fifty Points they swaps all into defense tomorrow! He’s so predictable. I ripped up at least six of his bots and never died. Win. Good luck making more buff food.

And! If I can keep this up, their defense won’t matter. They might keep repelling our attacks because they got lucky with gear, but worst come to worst, we can at least make sure they starve to death in a few days. I know a win by Siege is kind of lame, but they’re turtling so we don’t have a lot of choices.

Come out to play, guys, I promise we wouldn’t hit too hard in the open world when you can’t hide behind walls of Stingers. :-)

Right now, it’s either siege, we get lucky and they have a bunch of no-shows, or we go back and grind gear. And I know I don’t want to step into the PvE scenarios again till the next patch, I have a feeling we’ve seen every iteration of the procedural generator for this patch already by now since we tear them up so fast.

And in case you were wondering, yeah, the melee got slaughtered again. The kids were all sitting in the guild library just to recover some of the points they lost tonight. Joe was with an Economics program and looked like he wanted to strangle something. Reminded me of my student days – man, I do not miss those educational packages. But I guess when mom and dad are paying for game time, they get to choose your questing pack. At least that’s one good thing about sitting out on the raid, I don’t have to grind back points.

So, here’s hoping I can gank some more of their bots before they make it back to the Citadel! Maybe I should spend those points and build a new hunter/killer bot… though that might be against the ToS. Need to check on that.

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