Four Bloggers Discuss The Battle For MMORPGs’ Future

Where is the MMO going? Can the genre find a new business model? And is there actually any innovation?

The past year hasn’t been a great one for the MMORPG genre, as Azuriel noted yesterday. And with new ideas and new MMORPGs a go go right now, despite the downturn, we’re all wondering where the MMORPG is going.

Today we’ve got four very smart bloggers discussing various aspects of the genre’s future, from monetisation to whether the genre’s just run out of ideas:

  • Green Armadillo considers the question of whether MMOs, and SWTOR in particular, can successfully make money by selling access to content“Could selling access to content throughout the game – perhaps on a planet by planet basis similar to LOTRO’s model – really have doubled or tripled Bioware’s revenues?”
  • Pewter wonders whether her ennui at the current crop of MMORPGs is the designers’ problem or hers“The regular reader will navigate the narrative of a book in much the same way every time, and we don’t get tired of the the overall format of ‘reading’.”
  • Scary isn’t sitting on the fence in his “MMO future article” – it’s called “Why Guild Wars 2 will Thrive and WoW will Die”“We can slowly untuck our old security blanket and feel the warm air around us. That’s when we start looking at that old tattered game we are “renting” monthly. Why pay a fee when we can play for free?”
  • And Infogamerist asks whether the glut of MMOs at present dooms them all“Please, gaming industry: don’t break up the MMO community with too many choices and/or “massive” fails! I’d miss all my friends too much!”

What do you think? Are there too many MMOs? Is Free the way forward?