Evil Naaru, Feats of Strength, and F2P

The bumper crop of cool and interesting writing continues! Today we’ve got Rades starting an epic and awesome series, Anafiele noting that Blizzard seem to have listened to her ideas, and more…

  • Rades is back – and he’s currently half-way through an epic series of blog posts devoted to nothing less than proving WoW’s “Holy Light” Naaru are in fact thoroughly EVIL“The draenei would be crushed, their spirits broken, their morale shattered. They would never be the same, and their relationships with every other Azerothian race would be drastically and irrevocably changed. And this would be AMAZING.”
  • Entombed looks at Guild Wars 2’s incoming Big Dragon Problem“What prevents a player from saying, “Oh yay, another dragon” with the sort of disdained interest that plagues the fantasy genre? “
  • Anafielle, who called for an Achievement for completing raids without the nerfs turned on a while ago, talks about her feelings on the subject now that Blizzard have done just that“I firmly believe that this doesn’t disadvantage anyone. I think it can only be a good thing to add more challenges in the game. I believe in content being accessible, but I also believe in rewarding success and challenging people to be better and better. This does both.”
  • Redbeard looks at the WoW subscriber numbers, and asks how many of them are gold farmers“Still, this is all water under the bridge since the definition of “true, playing WoW subs” probably is defined by Blizz as “a paying subscription.” They can’t afford to discriminate, unless the behavior of the sub is deemed malicious in intent”

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