CALL FOR GUEST POSTS: Post From The Future!

Hey, everyone!

So, I’m taking some time off next week to prepare for the MMOcalypse ahead (not to mention crunch time on my new film), and whilst Johnnie will be covering some of that time, it’d still be cool to feature some guest posts whilst I’m away!

And in light of how fast things are changing, I’ve got a really fun topic in mind for this one.

We’re looking for posts. About MMOs. From the future.

Yep – what I’d love to do next week is to feature some MMO futurism! So, if you fancy channeling your future self and writing us a post about the challenges, joys, trials and tribulations they’re experiencing – whether in MMOs in 2017 or 2070 – let me know!

We’d need posts for their publication time next week – ideally by the end of this weekend, but failing that by midweek at the latest.

This will be first-come, first served, so if you’re interested, let me know now, either by email at mmo melting pot at gmail dot com or via the comments!