mass bans for exploiting – blogger reactions aren’t afraid of making controversial decisions as Guild Wars 2 heats up, and yesterday they made a doozy – having found a major high-level exploit, they banned thousands of players who had exploited it, in one fell swoop.

That’s a pretty bold move for such a new game, and many of the players affected are claiming at least relative innocence. Needless to say, it’s attracted some interesting commentary from the blogosphere:

  • Syncaine isn’t very impressed with their handling of the issue, and thinks dark motives could be behind it“The tinfoil hat part of this is the worst aspect though. Anet loses NOTHING from banning you, since the game does not have a sub cost. If anything, they might gain another box sale.”
  • Keen looks at both sides of the issue – the things that ANet did right and the things they may have done wrong“What blows me away is the number of people who abused the crap out of this exploit and never stopped to think, “What I’m doing could get me banned.” “
  • And Nuke The Site From Orbit thinks that ANet may have been overly harsh, looking at the real world parallels“I respect a level headed approach even more… and taking care of your own house before simply banning people is a great place to start.”

What do you think? Well-deserved punishment for cheating, or excessively harsh action?