Will You Like Guild Wars 2? The Final Final Final Roundup

It’s all over bar the releasing. Yes, Guild Wars 2 is now officially beyond the beta stage – but will you like it?

Fortunately, bloggers the world over have been rushing to answer that question, or at least give you all the information they can. We had a few point-by-point discussions yesterday, and today, six bloggers are giving their unique takes on the game – and in many cases, their thumbs-up or thumbs-down:

  • Spinks goes over the pros and cons of seven of the major aspects of the game, including the famed PvP World vs World vs World combat“It is definitely interesting, particularly in the early game when you still have a lot of skills to unlock. I suspect later on things settle down and get less confusing as you get used to what is available.”
  • HUnter’s Insight writes a very balanced piece about Guild Wars 2’s pros and cons, but in the end is extremely impressed with it“I may have some criticisms but I think Arenanet has plain nailed it. A lot of the dynamic event hype and revolution talk is definitely overwrought but it’s a superior game, better than any other MMO I’ve ever played.”
  • Rowan at I Have Touched The Sky found Guild Wars 2 potentially rather impenetrable, but also potentially very rewarding” GW2 did not grab me the way TSW, SWTOR, STO, Rift and WoW all did. I might get GW2 near launch if it were up to me alone. Sctrz, on the other hand, was caught up in it hook, line, and sinker. I have a feeling we’ll be playing again as soon as possible, and loving every minute.”
  • Syp at Bio Break has come to his pre-launch conclusions on Guild Wars 2, and they’re mostly positive“I think it’s going to be an excellent entry into the MMO field offering strong visuals, a slightly different way to play (less questing, more reacting to the world around you), and many small improvements over what we’ve seen in this genre so far. For some it’ll be the one MMO to rule them all, for others it’ll be a fun side diversion. “
  • Moxie at Wild Boar Inn is in no doubt – she’s a self-confessed Arena.net fangirl these days. Nonetheless, she includes both her loves and her few dislikes about GW2“Finally, a game that has cities that feel like cities. Divinity’s Reach is hands down the absolute best capital city I’ve ever seen, no contest. It makes Stormwind City look like an outpost.”

Will GW2 be something you must have, or something you must avoid?