Three Bloggers Defend Attunements

Could it be that attunements aren’t awful ideas best left in the past?

Despite the many arguments made against attunements of late (here’s the latest installment), most forcefully by Matthew Rossi of WoW Insider, it seems there’s two sides to this particular argument – and today, the other side’s speaking out.

Yes, we’ve got three bloggers in favour of the return of attunements today, with posts ranging from passionate defence of the concept, to theories as to the less-idealistic reasons they might never return…

  • The Grumpy Elf argues that gated content is just plain good design“As simple as gating could be, it is the prefect way to prove someone is willing to try. To some extent at least. If they are willing to go through the quest line to open the raid, then maybe they are worth me putting in the effort of teaching them how to raid.”
  • Zellviren of Unwavering Sentinel writes an extremely combative but nonetheless interesting post arguing that there are no good reasons, at all, why attunements can’t return“If you’re wholly incapable of queuing up and completing the Hour of Twilight dungeons, you really need to work on the basic principles of playing the game before inflicting yourself on others. The busted learning curve is a problem in the game as it is, and attunements are one part of a solution”
  • And Spinks suggests that maybe the real reason Blizzard don’t want attunements to return is that it interferes with the flow of players to the LFD and LFR tools“WoW doesn’t even want to make people locate the dungeon instance before they are able to queue for it because some players found that sufficient of a barrier to harm the queueing times. So remember this when you hear anyone suggest tweaks to the group finder that would result in fewer people queueing (like more stringent gear/ spec checks, or attunement checks); they won’t happen.”

A quick note to conclude – let’s not let this debate turn into a flamewar! As the saying goes, no matter how heated we are feeling about this issue, there’s far more that unites us than divides us…

What do you think of today’s points in the attunement debate?