The Melting Pot is 2 years old! Meet The People Behind The Pot

Wow. Two years.

Yes, on July 15th 2010, World of Matticus blogger “Mimetir”, aka Rebecca, opened her new site to the public. The “MMO Melting Pot”, as it was called, was intended to showcase the best writing from the MMORPG blogosphere all in one place.

It seems to have worked out pretty well! :)

This week, in addition to our usual features, we’re going to have a bit of a celebration of two years running this site, which has been frankly awesome for all concerned.

Today, I’ll be jumping on the meme that’s going around the blogosphere and revealing a bit more about the people behind the Pot.

On Wednesday, I’ll be looking back at the Pot’s history, and talking a bit about what I want to do with it in the future.

And on Friday… I’ll be asking all of you to do something :)(Mystery, mystery…)

So… Here are a few things you might not know about the People Behind The Pot!

Hugh “Nomad” Hancock

  • I’ve been involved in games blogging since before the word “blog” was first coined in 1997. Yes, I’m old(ish). I first ran an award-winning news site, News From The Front, commentating on the Quake multiplayer scene – pretty much the first multiplayer gaming scene on the mainstream Internet – before founding in 2000 and running that for a number of years.
  • By profession and day job, I’m a full-time Machinima film director – one of the very few in the world. I was one of the two guys who coined the term, in fact, back in 1998 or therabouts. Currently I’m working on a very big World of Warcraft-based project that you’ll hear more about later in the year… These days, most of my efforts are spent combining Machinima techniques with performance capture, a la Tintin and Gollum.
  • I may have done more sword-fighting in real life than in video games. I joined one of the first WMA (Western Martial Arts) groups in the world, the Dawn Duellists, way back in 1998, and spent many years training with them in all sorts of fun things, from Spanish knife-fighting to Victorian bare-fisted boxing techniques to medieval Italian longsword. These days I’m more interested in Eastern martial arts, particularly Muay Thai, but I’m still in contact with many of the DDS veterans, and in fact worked with their president to choreograph a number of fights for the film I mentioned above.
  • I can bore for Scotland on the subject of nutritional supplements and mind-body complementary therapies (things like Tai Chi, Pilates and points south). I stumbled into the entire world of mind-body stuff as a result of a nasty, persistant case of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury – from keyboard and mouse use), and later an urgent desire to be flexible enough to kick people in the head, but these days I’m interested in flexibility and generally getting our bodies to work properly as an end in itself.
  • I’m also borderline obsessive about my coffee. My morning ritual for coffee preparation takes about 15 minutes and involves a microgram scale, a precisely-calibrated hand grinder, a digital thermometer and a selection of half a dozen different potential brew methods.
  • My first MMORPG was World of Warcraft, which I bought less than a month after its European release. However, I didn’t raid in an organised guild until WoTLK – before that, my raiding was limited to occasional half-arsed PUG groups. In many ways, I’m the absolute definition of a casual player. Nonetheless, I personally dislike the introduction (or at least, the current implementation) of LFR and LFD, miss the extreme difficulty of TBC Heroic dungeons, and enjoyed completing attunement chains – all things I’ve heard numerous people say are positions only held by uber-elite raiders.
  • My relatively clean language is an artifact of the house style of the Melting Pot, not my usual preference. In real life, (and in my Top Gear-inspired cooking show, currently on hiatus) I swear like a pirate.

Rebecca Judd

  • She’s always been called Rebecca on the Pot, but in real life she’s universally known as Becca.
  • Where In The World Is Rebecca Judd? As long-time readers will know, Rebecca left the Pot at this time last year to pursue mysterious Other Projects. What were they? Well, she left the Pot to follow a life-long interest of hers: poker. Yes, Becca is working toward being a professional poker player. You can follow her poker-related adventures at, erm, The Poker Adventures, although she wants me to warn you that updates are a) sporadic and b) couched in so much poker terminology it’s sometimes hard to understand post titles, let alone the rest of it.
  • Becca has suffered from arthritis since she was 3. She has had one of her hips replaced and spent most of her teenage years in a wheelchair.
  • It’s possibly the worst-kept secret in the MMO blogging world that Becca and I are a couple. :)We’ve been living together for nearly three years now, having originally met two years earlier in World of Warcraft. (We didn’t get together straight away – indeed, I didn’t even know that the player behind Becca’s character was female for about three months.) We also own a cat: Socks, possibly the worst-balanced kitty in the world.

Johnnie Ingram

  • Johnnie ended up getting into World of Warcraft thanks to me, whilst we were working together on my first feature film, BloodSpell .
  • Johnnie’s other main passions besides gaming (tabletop RPG and computer) are theatre and Open-Source software. He’s sufficiently passionate about the latter to actually volunteer as an Open-Source evangelist, working to persuade people who don’t use Linux and other open-source software to start using them.
  • He’s also reasonably certain that he could recite the entirety of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy’s dialogue, from memory, and feels physically ill at the sight of people damaging books.
  • Johnnie’s also extremely enthusiastic about stand-up comedy, including some seriously obscure “comedian’s comedian”-type acts. The other day, he was explaining to me how one comedian’s act is truly brilliant despite the fact he’ll sometimes fail to say anything funnny for upward of thirty minutes at a time…

So, yeah, that’s us! Join me on Wednesday for a quick trip through the Pot’s past and future.