Should You Play The Secret World?

by on July 3, 2012

The Secret World has launched – but if you’re not already playing, should you be?

With so many MMOs being released this year, and so many others on the market, one thing I tend to look for at the Pot are easy-to-follow differentiator posts – posts that explain exactly why you should, or shouldn’t, play a particular MMO.

The Secret World is out, and the blogosphere’s alight with the news. But if you’re not already enjoying the Lovecraft-tinged mysteries of the game, is there something in it that’d really make your day? I’m delighted to say I’ve found not one but three posts that spell out all the many reasons TSW might be for you:

  • Play with anyone, irrespective of server or faction! Enjoy a friendly community! Rowan at I Have Touched The Sky offers a fascinating list of advantages you may not have realised TSW posesses“OK, remember how when you played WoW and you wanted to be a an Orc or Tauren, but all your friends were rolling dwarves and gnomes? So you had to roll Alliance, or you wouldn’t be able to play. It sucked. Not so with The Secret World.”
  • Jeromai at Why I Game explains some of the particularly awesome-sounding, non-traditional quests TSW offers – which sound really quite interesting, and unique“Seriously, wow. I was NOT expecting any other MMO than A Tale in the Desert to make me even attempt triangulation (lemme tell you about frog catching in ATITD some other time.)”
  • And Ysharros at Stylish Corpse lists a more personal take on the unique things that make TSW appealing. I’m impressed that NPCs use natural, colloquial language“I’m not advocating swearing like a sailor. It’s not really the F-bombs. It’s the fact that, so far, the adults in the game talk like… well, adults, and not like… well, MMO NPCs. “

Personally, I haven’t started TSW yet, but that’s thanks to a crippling lack of time right now. It sounds like a fascinating MMO, and if I get a chance, I’m certainly intending to check it out.

Why do you think we should – or shouldn’t – check TSW out?

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rowan July 4, 2012 at 2:36 am

Thank you so much for another mention. I really like this game, hoping it has some personal staying power.


Marcelo July 4, 2012 at 6:11 am

Lonomonkey placed a rather optimistic review that kind of made me want to experiment this game:


Mhorgrim July 4, 2012 at 3:37 pm

I think it has the potential to be a solid seller for it’s genre. I do like the way they got away from direct levels. It reminds me of the old SWG back in the day. I also think that hardened MMO vets will get bored with it within I’d say 2 months at best. Every new release that comes out has a bit of polishing to do and usually the awesome content stops around level 40. In this case, I think without levels it will stop at a certain point. Also, folks need to be ready for a fair amount of beginning bugs as is with all MMO launches.

All that aside, it’s not my genre. I am either SciFi or fantasy orientated. I personally don’t want to spend money on a genre I’m not interested in. I don’t doubt the game itself has a lot of potential. But only time will tell before it becomes another niche game. There is nothing wrong with this though. If the Modern Horror/Conspiracy genre excites you, then this may just be the winner. I’ve seen some fairly positive feedback out there, so go give it a shot.


Jason July 6, 2012 at 10:18 pm

It was not my genre either. But I tried it because it looked so….fresh? Very different feel to the game. Like they decided to take off kid gloves and just say screw it and make a game for adults, not 14 year olds. And they succeeded brilliant imo.

Granted I only found this game 5 days ago. Hadnt even heard about it before then. Been stuck in warcraft since 2006. So disappointed with Diablo 3 started looking for something else and stumbled on this.

I do see a possibility that when I’m done with the story I might be done with the game. But the story is so incredibly immersive. I would play it through simply for that. No skipping quest text here for me. It’s like watching a TV Series that has you hooked, but you don’t have to wait for next week’s episode.

Puzzles are actually challenging. Integrating a web browser into the game? I mean it makes sense. They know everyone is googling stuff for MMO’s while playing, why not just build it in? Then they built the puzzles so that you have to open up these incredibly detailed fake websites for companies to find a clue for a puzzle. Talk about drawing into the game. Sure you could search for someone else that figure it out, but I don’t cheat :)

Definitely try it if your over 18. Even if your not a horror / zombie apocolypse fan I think you’ll like it. My wife hates horror – she LOVES this game.


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