Resumes, Bots and The Diablo Legacy – Thursday Links

It’s obvious that the WoW world is starting to hot up again, with 5.0 headed to the PTR, as we’re seeing a lot more comment, consideration and, yes, complaint about Blizzard’s giant MMO in the blogosphere these days compared with even a month ago. But other games are still hanging in there too – today we’ve got a fascinating look into the world of EVE botters, as well as a dissection of Diablo 3 compared to its predecessor:

  • Frinka at Warcraft Street asks whether sucessful AH players in WoW could use that skill on their real-world resumes“If you are persistent and participate in many conversations with “random people” over a long period you will likely learn how to steer a nibble PST conversation into a sale. “
  • The Nosy Gamer brings us a report from the shadow world of EVE botters, as he quotes botting forums to show that CCP are successfully keeping cheaters quite unhappy“maybe what i writing not will be popular, but … MINING AT BOT ISIN’T SAFE ANYMORE !!! that was , 2 – 6 years ago, right now – after that many years CCP got toys to catching botters”
  • Clockwork at Out Of Beta asks if Diablo 3 really stands up as a worthy successor to the “Diablo” title“D2’s dungeons were random halls that no reasonable architect would have ever designed and yet they FELT right. Each one was different, each was unique…aside from boss rooms, you almost never had the same place twice. “

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