Quiet, achievements and release

And finally, to close out the week, here are some fun links that didn’t fit anywhere else, but that still deserve your attention:

  • Fannon has a really good suggestion for legacy raiding achievements that I’d particularly recommend Blizzard developers to read“There is, however, one singular achievement (technically a Feat of Strength) that a sightseeing raider can’t get: Herald of the Titans. This little gem of an achievement requires a player to be the appropriate level as well as have the appropriate gear for the encounter. No overpowered tourists allowed.”
  • The Godmother is gazing once again into her crystal ball, and believes she’s got a new likely Mists of Pandaria release date – _“

    Corey Stockton’s quite a player in the MoP scheme of things. #crunchtime sounds quite significant. What if this weekend is the last weekend before the release date is set? “_

  • And Randolph Carter at This Roaring Silence talks about the siren song for a busy player to playing games gently, softly and slowly“Unfortunately, the speed of life that bleeds into every facet of my existence dictates my play style. As there is very little down time in my daily routine, I’m constantly aware of the time, where I need to be in the next half hour, what needs to get done before I move on to the next task”

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