Pet Battles!

The latest patch for the Mists of Pandaria beta introduces the Pet Battle system!

For those of you just looking for a tour through Azeroth’s answer to Pokemon, you’re in luck – two bloggers have dived into the Pet Battle system this weekend and emerged with semi-comprehensive writeups of the story so far…

  • Cymre at Bubbles of Mischief shares a screenshot-filled summary of her Pet Battle experiences so far“As your pets progress in skill, you’ll be required to battle various battle trainers around Azeroth. The first one requires you to find the Master Pet Tamer in Northern Barrens. The quest rewards you with a bag which can contain either a pet, pet leash or fetch ball, etc.”
  • And The Godmother at ALT:Ernative gives us a “your first Pet Battle” introductory guide to the system“The canny person will be checking out the pet trainers before the game goes live to ensure they have strong teams to defeat them quickly (in this case, snakes are I believe critters, so you’ll want abilities that do a + damage to them.) “

Have you tried Pet Battles yet?