Nostalgia, Commitment and Blame

Is anyone else out there pining for a TBC WoW server? I mean, I’m excited by Mists, but if I could reroll on a Classic server, I’d definitely give it a whirl.

Today The Ancient Gaming Noob examines why Everquest seems to have a lock on the nostalgia market – plus, praise for EVE’s marketing, and more on the “just a game” and “Are MMOs Doomed?” discussions.

  • CCP and EVE Online have sailed some rough waters, PR-wise, in recent months – but Jester believes that this last year has been a roaring success for them“conditions this summer are nearly identical to the conditions last summer. CCP is just handling it about twenty times better than they did last year. Their communications and marketing strategies are working wonderfully.”
  • The Ancient Gaming Noob looks at the phenomenon of Everquest nostalgia servers, and asks whether any other gaming company could follow in their footsteps“Yes, some games note the passing of anniversaries. And there is a always a “come back and play” promotion going on for one MMO or another at any given moment of time. But that seems to pale in comparison to the lengths to which the EverQuest Live team goes.”
  • Tobold argues that Edward Castronova has badly misunderstood both MMOs and their players when he calls them nothing more than a grind“Fortunately I think that the average player isn’t quite that stupid to keep waiting for the major payoff for years. I think Edward Castronova generalized a very narrow and comparatively rare player type here. There are a lot of players who are perfectly aware that there is nothing at the end, but they happen to enjoy “living” in a virtual world. Others are more competitive, but even they know perfectly well how ephemeral their epics are.”
  • And Lewis at Stnylan’s Musings looks at the preparations players make for EVE tournaments and asks just how different they are from “proper” sports’ preparations – *”2) Logistical preparation for training facilities and the like 3) Studying tape of opponent’s past performances 4) Studying tape of his own team’s past performances

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