Mounted Combat, Embedded Reporters and Lost Opportunities

And closing out the weekend, we’ve got a bunch of looks to the future – from mounted combat in LoTRO to a writer just starting as an “embedded reporter” in EVE – plus a bit of a challenge from Big Bear Butt!

  • Justin Olivetti, AKA Syp, gives us a thorough and tremendously interesting introduction to LoTRO’s upcoming mounted combat“Campbell let me have at it in the vast, vast plains of Rohan, riding around at what felt like Mach 3. Seriously, these mounts are fast. “
  • Heartbourne at Lorehound asks a question I can’t believe I haven’t seen covered more – how will transmogging change Blizzard’s design approach?“What kind of armor designs are going to appeal to players? This is the million-gold question! Players complained during Burning Crusade that the highly stylized armor sets were too wild and thus wearing pieces from multiple sets made them look like a clown.”
  • Tyler Wilde kicks off a fascinating project in PC gamer, as he describes his first steps in becoming an embedded journalist with the Goonswarm in EVE Online“We jump into the next star system and I’m encased in a bubble of blue electricity. My frigate is disintegrated by a shower of projectiles. Again. “Oh dear I told them not to shoot you,” says Blawrf. “That was supposed to be your welcoming party.”
  • And Big Bear Butt looks at those “impossible” pets and achievements – the ones with Grinds From Hell attached – and challenges us to just try to complete them“Right now, at the tail end of this expansion, I have been having a more fufilling time than any other, simply because I am, one by one, knocking down so many of those “I wish I could but I can’ts” and turning them into, “What the hell, let’s give a shot, whats the worse that can happen?””

Have a great weekend!