More Bloggers Uncloak

Yes, the “telling everyone a bit about who we are” meme seems to be really taking off! Originally started by a post from Ambermist of Battle Chicken, it has subsequently spread through the blogosphere.

Today, it has reached the pages of WoW Insider itself, with Matthew Rossi, as well as Newbie Blogger Initiative blogger Leelu…

  • Matthew Rossi at WoW Insider takes a bit of a spin on the concept of the meme, giving us an amusing list of things we might not know about his WoW-playing habits“I proposed to my wife during a Molten Core run we were both in. The way she tells it, I walked into the room while she was pet pulling Baron Geddon to Garr’s room and said “Hey, I think we should get married.” I’m a suave devil.”
  • And Leelu Butterfly offers us a list of both in-game and IRL facts about her and how she games“I’ve been playing games since … well, a long time. My first memory of playing game was on the Merlin, I thought it was ace, then came the Commodore 64 which meant more games, and coding. “

Anyone else planning to join the “uncloaking” craze?