Meanwhile, in EVE Online…

From massive blog discussions to groundbreaking new features in the game itself, it turns out the blogosphere of EVE Online is far, far larger than we thought…

I’ve often wondered why some games develop massive blogospheres and others don’t. For years, of course, WoW’s blogosphere has been enormous (although it has become smaller over Cataclysm), and I never understood why no other game had quite the same level of dedicated, intelligent, thoughtful writing behind it.

Over the past few months, I’ve been discovering that one game does have just that: EVE Online. The EVE blogosphere is huge, and there’s some very interesting writers and discussions going on – even if you’re not an EVE player.

So, here’s a roundup of the latest happenings from the world of EVE. In all cases, I found these posts interesting despite not being an EVE player, and I think you will too…

  • It turns out that EVE has a Blog Azeroth equivalent, in the form of the massive, massive Blog Banter event. Jester’s strongly-worded takedown of EVE morality, which we featured last week, was just one of 27(!) fascinating essays questioning where EVE’s moral lines lie“the anonymity of internet culture combined with a competitive gaming environment encourages in-game behaviour to spread beyond the confines of the sandbox. Where is the line?”
  • Talking of Jester, AKA Ripard Teg, he’s talking about the upcoming changes CCP are making to how external programs can interact with the game – pretty jaw-dropping stuff, particularly if you’re used to how locked-down WoW can be, as they’re talking about letting external applications write to the EVE database itself” Giving players the ability to monitor and modify market orders from outside the game would be a big improvement… but of course it makes writing market bots a trivial exercise.”
  • Flosch at Random Waypoint has returned from months in EVE University, and he talks about his experiences, as a newbie EVE player, playing in what must be EVE Online’s only charity” In fact, for a couple of days, I peaked at no. 27 (of a 2800+ member organization) for top kills on a 90-day moving window. For someone who never liked PvP before, this is an interesting turn of events.”
  • And Syncaine uses a comparison with Guild Wars 2’s Realm vs Realm vs Realm system to describe the frankly terrifying complexities of how the EVE wormhole system works“Another consideration would be the total iLvl of gear you could bring to the battle. Whether you brought 100 newbies in starter gear, or ten guys in max iLvl stuff, each server connection would only support X amount of iLvl, and once that amount was crossed the connection would close and reopen to a different server.”

Are you an EVE player? Do you have, or know of, a blog we should be following?