Looking Ahead: Gating in MoP, 50 Reasons for GW2, and balancing the two

It’s all about the future right now in the MMOsphere – at least for Guild Wars or WoW enthusiasts.

So here’s the latest discussion and debate on That Which Is Coming Up, from the news that Mists of Pandaria’s raids will be released one at a time, to the question that a lot of us are facing – how the hell we’re going to manage to play both games…

  • Beruthiel at Falling Leaves And Wings considers the news that MoP’s raids will be released in stages, and doesn’t see this as a bad thing at all“I’d ask “What’s the rush?”. If you are worried about rankings, aren’t you in the same boat as everyone else? I’m curious what is so wrong with getting through the first zone before the next is released?”
  • Sunnier at the Art Of War answers the question “How the hell will we fit MoP and Guild Wars 2 in at the same time?”“So what’s a GW2 and WoW lover supposed to do? I can’t be a progression raider in WoW if I’m (shudder) casual, but I can’t become a PvP superstar in GW2 if I spend all my time dying to the disconnect boss in Mogu’shan Vaults.”
  • And Syl at Raging Monkeys looks back on her “50 reasons to look forward to Guild Wars 2″ and considers which of them have been borne out by the beta tests“For direct comparison, I will go with the list of 50 reasons I presented this April 2012 with no first-hand gameplay experience whatsoever. I expect to see few changes but not to get ahead of myself, let’s rather examine each point once more.”

Are you annoyed by MoP raid gating? Shuddering at the thought of fitting both games in? Or do you have 99 reasons to play GW2 (but a raid ain’t one)?