Links For The Weekend

It’s been a busy week – and with the avalanche of MMO content coming in the next two months, I don’t see it getting any quieter.

So, here are some links for you over this weekend:

  • Stubborn at Sheep The Diamond has been attempting to level every class to 85 – and he’s blogging his experiences with classes he’s never played before now“Stealth adds a very subtle element to game play: time. You don’t really think about it, but a lot of PvP has to do with time budgeting. When you can either dps OR try to heal yourself OR call an inc in a bg, you can never get done everything you want. “
  • And Spinks has a damn good point – why DO we complain about multiple MMOs using the same system but different settings?“I wish one of the big MMO companies would find a way to open source their mechanics and let other developers work on a wide range of different expansions, so that players could take their favourite character into multiple different games. Just like the D&D campaigns.”
  • Finally, if you haven’t yet, please do read about the future of the Melting Pot and what you can do to make it happen!

Have a great weekend!