Guild Wars 2 Final Beta Weekend – Points You Might Have Missed

It’s coming soon! But before GW2 smashes into us next month, bloggers have been taking one final look, and summing up some of the finer points of the upcoming mega-MMO that you might have missed…

You might think that you’ve heard everything there is to hear about Guild Wars 2 – its multiple beta weekends have generated a hell of a lot of blogger comment and posts. But before we get the chance to jump in ourselves (at or around the 28th of August, depending on if you preordered), there’s still more to talk about!

Yes, the final Guild Wars 2 beta weekend revealed yet more cool stuff, and in a bit of a case of “great minds think alike”, several great bloggers decided it was time for a point-by-point summary…

  • Aly at Mistress Of Illusions has an excellent pictographic writeup of the two new races revealed this weekend, the gnome-like Asura and faerie Sylvari” I also appreciate the beauty of their home city, the Grove, even though it possesses one of those fantasy color palates that wreaks havoc on my sensitive tummy. “
  • Azuriel at In An Age covers a whole bunch of fascinating ground, from sylvari sexuality to the feel of new classes” Presenting a gay relationship right at the beginning struck me as an unexpectedly bold move on ArenaNet’s part. Every single person that rolls a Sylvari character is going to be seeing this (if they are paying attention), as opposed to hiding it in random NPC dialog.”
  • And Stargrace at MMOQuests goes over a few particular favourite GW2 features” I love that my inventory is rarely ever full, because I can just instantly send all my crafting supplies to the collections tab no matter where I’m at. Thank you ArenaNet for letting me play and have fun without the hassle that comes from a full inventory!”

Yeah, I’m really looking forward to this one now – although given I’m sure Blizzard will schedule Patch 5.0 of WoW against it, I suspect my play time may be minimal for the first week or so…

So – will you be playing GW2?