Gambling, Griefing and Getting Bored

From gambling with games to killing time (and not in the way you’d think) to responses to griefers, today we’re taking a bit of a walk on the dark side…

  • Jacob from TL:DR passionately advocates doing something about in-game harassment beyond just ignoring it and hoping it’ll go away“Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Trash talking, harrassment, or bullying to get an edge up on the competition means you just can’t handle the competition anyway. Play within the rules and leave the gamesmanship out of it.”
  • Syp at Bio Break considers the time it takes to kill a mob in various MMOs, and the effect of that metric on those MMOs’ gameplay” I adore RIFT’s time-to-kill. Battles feel quick and breezy, and I’m rarely stuck with a stubborn enemy that refuses to budge a single inch on its health bar. This has a trickle-down effect on quests: I can just throw myself into the fray.”
  • And The Straw Fellow considers another Worst Case Scenario – in this case, completely random collectable-based online gaming“That is my Worst Case Scenario of the week. A game that blatantly and obviously sells random chances at electronic items. Cards and physical objects have collector’s value and could be worth something if the game becomes popular. But electronic items are at the mercy of the game itself.”

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