Five Things You Might Not Know About The Pot’s History

Did you know that the Pot runs an awards ceremony? Or that Rebecca was a well-known blogger before starting the Pot? Or which website inspired us to create the Melting Pot?

As regular readers will know, the MMO Melting Pot celebrated its second birthday last week. This week, I’m looking back at the Pot’s past, and then forward to the Pot’s future.

Today, I’m doing a bit of a Did You Know session about the Melting Pot – facts and details that you might not know from our two years collating the best of the MMO blogosphere. On Friday, I’ll be looking at the future and talking about some pretty big plans we’ve got for the site – which I think you’ll like!

But for now, Did You Know…

  • Rebecca, who launched the Melting Pot, was an MMO blogger herself before she started the Pot. She blogged under the name “Mimetir” over at World of Matticus, mostly writing about raid leading and the practical details of healing. You can still read her old posts over there – Mimetir’s posts on WoM. The Melting Pot was actually inspired by one of the most famous websites on the ‘net – BoingBoing, the Directory of Wonderful Things – as Rebecca wrote for WoM, the amount of great writing on MMORPGs continued to surprise us, and we started to feel that such great writing deserved more showcasing and more visibility, via what we initially referred to as “BoingBoing for MMOs”.
  • The Pot launched in July 2010 – obviously enough. Some of the writers we featured in our earliest days are still active in the MMORPG blogging community – we featured Pewter talking about the Goblin racial emotes in the Cataclysm beta (shades of Jin Firepaw there), Graylo talking about the battle between 10 and 25-man raid sizes (a topic that’s still hot today), and Kurn talking about guild relationships.
  • We’ve tried a number of special events or features over the years. Some of them have been huge successes, like the Pink Pigtail Awards for MMOs and MMO blogging, which we took over from their originator Larisa, my massive review of the year in MMOs, and of course the MMO Blogger Map. But we’ve tried others, too, which didn’t survive for one reason or another, like my roundups of the latest in class theorycrafting and our attempt at an addon spotlight column.
  • This one’s probably better-known, but I keep hearing that people are surprised by it – so, did you know that we also write a huge and very popular selection of guides to various aspects of various games? We started off writing these guides when Rebecca and I started playing A Tale In The Desert – here’s my terribly out-of-date guide to setting up glassmaking in ATITD – but Rebecca was the first to start on WoW guides. Since then, Rebecca, Johnnie and myself have all written a pile of informative stuff – you might well know about our LfR guides or our quick-start guides for new WoW patches (which I tend to write in one massive, exhausting week of effort), but did you know we also dabbled in amusing raid tactics or quest guides for particularly irritating quests?
  • We have heard a couple of people say they’d like to hear more opinions from the Pot staff – well, we do actually write editorials from time to time! You can find all the Pot staff’s editorials over in the Editorial Features section. Generally, they only get written when one of us is annoyed or particularly enthused about something – and 2012’s been pretty quiet on that front – but you never know, MoP or Guild Wars 2 may yet irritate us enough to get our own opinions on the page again…

And so, there you have it! I’ll be concluding our birthday celebrations on Friday, looking at what we’re planning to do with the Pot in the next two years…

Any other memories of the Pot’s history that you think we should have included?