Diversity, Patronage, Small Skyrim, And Giving It All Away

From Skyrim for Kids to a very good point on the diversity of game developers, we’ve got it all today:

  • Entombed at Divinity’s Reach makes a very telling points about the diversity of most game developers compared with other industries“Next time you watch a “Tour of the Company’s Headquarters” or “Meet the Developers” take a look at the diversity.  And I don’t just mean race, I mean gender, religion, sexual orientation, geographical background, and you start to notice something striking. “
  • The Brainy Gamer has a really fascinating piece – particularly for parents – on the ways in which playing Skyrim with your child can be a really positive experience for them“I spared Zoe the Fellglow Keep gore, but let her face The Caller boss at the end of the quest for a reason. We were given the choice of fighting her or negotiating with her, but we found a third option we liked better. We cast an Invisibility spell, grabbed the stolen books, picked her pocket for the exit key, and escaped the dungeon. “We were smarter than her, Daddy!” You bet we were.”
  • The Gold Queen’s covering an interesting topic for a gold blog – how and why to give all your gold away – “I’d consider giving my gold to the best character of my class on my server, class leader in the top raiding guild.  He or she will have been an inspiration to you, and a moving target at which you can aim.”
  • And finally, Zubon at Kill Ten Rats gives us a fascinating look at an oldschool alternative to guilds – Asheron’s Call and its patronage system” Experience is similarly passed upwards to your patron’s patron, all the way to the top person who has no patron, the “monarch.” As far as game mechanics go, that’s it; the rest of the system comes from secondary and social effects.”

On the first topic – one of the things that really struck me in the many Guild Wars 2 developer videos was the unusually high number of female developers there. Has that changed the game design? Who knows? But it’s clear that both the developer is more diverse than normal and the game’s doing a lot of things differently…

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