Could We Design A Better Kick System?

Could WoW’s current “kick” system be, well, better?

That’s the question The Grumpy Elf asks today – and he’s not just asking the question this time, he’s got a fully worked-out proposal that I found very interesting indeed. From improving the “reason for kick” dialogue to minimising kicks from sheer innattention, it’s clear that Grumpy has given WoW’s minimalist kick system a lot of thought

“When someone is kicked, they will get a system mail that will tell them why they where kicked. This way, they will know what they did wrong. I think the only way for people to learn is to tell them what they did wrong.

Just kicking someone does not do anything to teach a person.I think that when the person starts the kick and picks one of those options they should be given a line to post a comment if they wish. After they start the kick and it goes out to others, the others would see the reason for the kick and be allowed to agree or disagree and post a comment as well.

Example of how it would work:

In looking for raid a person signed up as a healer, for the fast queue most likely, and is playing the role of damage dealer. A kick starts up and the person chooses the option not preforming the role they signed up for and adds the comment priest in shadow spec refuses to change to healing spec.

It would now go to vote with the reason and the comment for everyone else to see. ”

Grumpy’s proposed /kick system is one of the best-thought-out proposals for a replacement system in WoW I’ve seen lately. There are no obvious ways to game it – at least not that sprung to mind on first reading – it’s mostly practical without vast investment of developer time, and whilst it does suggest more community oversight from Blizzard, his reasons for suggesting that are intelligent and reasonable.

A couple of his suggestions are a bit wooly – the manual oversight of excessive kicks, in particular, looks like it would need more work – but some of his ideas are things I genuinely wish were in the game, like his suggestions for improving feedback through a Demons’ Souls style limited feedback system that actually informs the player why they’ve been kicked.

Interesting stuff, and I’m looking forward to hearing what other people think about it!

What do you think of The Grumpy Elf’s proposals for improving WoW kicks?