Attunements, Part 3 – The Revenge

Want to hear all the latest – really interesting – arguments for, against and dividing old-school WoW-style attunements? You’re in the right place!

Yes, the attunement debate is still raging (see part 1, in which Matthew Rossi stirred a hornet’s nest of debate, and part 2, where many, many people responded, and there’s some really interesting thinking coming from it. We’re moving away from a blanket “all attunements are good/bad” discussion now into a much more nuanced taxonomy of what attunements are, what they do, and how they are not all the same.

So, for some potentially influential design discussion (remember, devs read blogs too!), read on…

  • Stormy at Scribblings on the Asylum Wall clarifies his argument about attunements – that they should serve not as a roadblock but as a means of making raids narratively and emotionally meaningful“The purpose of an attunement should be to provide players with a background as to why they’re entering a particular raid instance to take down a particular boss, not to serve as a roadblock that frustrates and alienates players and raid leaders. “
  • Clockwork at Out Of Beta examines a couple of potential ways to milk the positive effects from attunements without the negative – account-bound and guild-bound attunements“In this situation once a guild completes an attunement any member (or with a certain reputation level) becomes capable of entering said instance. This way the guild benefits from the activity of its members. On the other hand, it means people who have never done an attunement might avoid guilds who don’t have it, essentially letting others do the attunement work for them.”
  • Typhoon Andrew joins the ranks of those who want to find a way to let the storytelling power of attunements outweigh the inconvenience aspects“Make it so that the players would be foolish not to take the opportunity (Wrath Gate questline, or the Battered Hilt quests) and you’ll see more game lovers than haters.”
  • Dinaer at Forever A Noob relates the problems of attunements from a practical perspective, and separates out the least troublesome attunement types from the real killers“At this point, some would ask, “But why didn’t your guild just keep progressing past that tier so you could get to the higher tiers?” Its hard to do that when you keep losing players. “

I really rather like the idea of guild-bound achievements. Obviously, the attunement system as it stood had some major, major problems, notably the “new player? Better go run all that content again” issue. But I still think there’s something to be said for the occasional mountain to climb, and anything that rewards a guild for working together sounds like a damn good idea.

Of course, there are problems with that idea, too (pity the unguilded person, or the person in a small or very casual guild who wants to raid as a PUG), but it’s an interesting direction in which to take the debate.

We’ve been talking about this for a few days now, so – any new takes on the Attunements debate? What do you think of binding attunements to accounts, guilds, or solo questlines?