4 Cool Things You Might Not Know About Non-WoW MMOs

The MMOSphere has been hella busy over the weekend, and as the timer counts down toward Mists of Pandaria, much of the discussion has been of WoW.

But there’s some very cool stuff going on outside WoW too. So, if you’re in the mood for something awesome that doesn’t come with added Azeroth, here we go…

  • Bronte at Are We New At This spotlights a really fascinating persistent massive-ish new game: “Day Z”, a mod which conjures up an uber-realistic persistent world after a zombie apocalypse“You need to drink and eat every once in a while or you will die. You need to find shelter when it pours to avoid hypothermia. You can get an infection from your wounds. If you get hit, you bleed, and must take steps to stem the bleeding or risk an untimely death. You can get broken bones, limiting you to crawling on all fours. You “
  • The Nosy Gamer looks at one potential influence on EVE Online’s unique culture – the fascinating case of the “Cod War” between Iceland and Britain“In 1972 Iceland successfully expanded that control out to 50 miles from shore and in 1975-1976 finally established control out to 200 miles in the face of opposition from the Royal Navy, the only fleet capable of contesting the matter with the Icelandic Coast Guard.”
  • Rowan at I Have Touched The Sky takes a look at the realism level of The Secret World, demonstrating that the game sticks really, really closely to real-world geography.
  • And Hunter’s Insight concludes the day with a – massive – guide and resource list for Guild Wars 2’s surprisingly deep and complex history of lore – “If you want a chronological sense of Tyria, try the timeline the wiki has compiled of all three continents in their respective calendars.”*

Run across anything particularly cool in an MMO lately? Yeah, including WoW :)