WoW This Weekend – Healing Winners, Cub Faces Adversity, and Roadtrip!

Lots of interesting posts this weekend, but no big overarching themes, so I’m going to split today’s posts up by interest rather than shared topic!

First up, there’s been a minor resurgence in WoW blogging this weekend, with BBB’s Cub facing his first abusive player, data on healing through Cata, thoughts on lockpicking etiquette, and a rather neat challenge from Tome and Matty:

  • Big Bear Butt’s reports on his nine-year-old son’s journey through Azeroth continue to fascinate – today he talks about he dealt with the inevitable first abusive player in LFD“Nope, you’re not going to find any outrage on my part, I’ve been playing this game for a long time, I know what kind of people play it. The answer is, ALL kinds of people play it. All kinds of people, meaning every kind of person there is. “
  • Fancy a WoW treasure hunt? Tome of the Ancient and Sugar and Blood team up for the Roadtrip Challenge“Try to find the secret locations: this round will have eight, and in Outlands. “
  • Garona at PvE Rogues lays out opinions on a matter close to any rogue’s heart – lock-picking and lockbox etiquette“For those of you that require a rogue’s lock picking skills to open your acquired lock boxes please remember we don’t exist solely to open your boxes for you. “
  • And finally, some fascinating graphs and data from Vixsin at Life In Group 5, who has been looking at how Healing Per Second has varied with raid type and instance over the life of Cataclysm“Given the performance of Druids post-4.1 and the perception that they were winning meters easily, I wonder if it was a conscious decision of the devs to start including encounter effects that could not simply be healed through, but rather required some sort of raid damage mitigation.”

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