WoW Changes, Gaming Fathers and Questing Satire

As this week draws to a close, here are a few more great links from around the blogosphere…

  • Syl at Raging Monkeys rounds up all the responses to her question earlier this week – “how has WoW changed you?”“Whether we feel that we’ve changed for the better or worse as gamers, what all these reads have truly illustrated for me is how big a passion we all share and what positive potential lies in online gaming and communities in general. “
  • Syp at Bio Break writes a really interesting piece on how he manages his gaming life as a father of three young children“I’ll be honest: In the beginning, I did experience moments of bitterness toward these other people in my life who were being demanding of my time. That was the bachelor in me trying in vain to hold on to a way of life that was waving bye-bye. But I realized that as much as I like games, they’re just a hobby and incapable of satisfying my needs the way that my family and faith do.”
  • And Melmoth at Killed In A Smiling Accident satirises the standard MMO questing experience“But I will take your quest, little man. I will take your quest… for honour! For justice! And for a small armour upgrade which will probably look garish and hideous when I equip it.”

Have a great weekend!