When The Goons Declare War On You

What do you do when the best-known Corporation in EVE, the Goonswarm, declares war on your tiny three-person corporation? Is it time to give up?

Apparently not. Mabrick, a self-described “carebear” player in EVE Online, was targeted by the Goons for all-out war. In a fascinating post, he describes the ways he managed to continue playing whilst literally thousands of players were gunning for him, before going on to discuss the motivations of the people who were doing so

“To wit, all habits take the from of a cue, a response and a reward. This is the habit cycle. For the Goons one could say the reward is a good fight. Or, you could say it is juicy tears. Or, you could say it is fame/infamy. Those would all be wrong. It has to be something everyone within Goons shares or the alliance wouldn’t exist at all. So what is it? Let’s analyze the cue and it’ll give us the answer we seek.

When does Homo Goonus act out? When are they the most Goon like? Others have mentioned this so it isn’t too hard to figure. When they get bored. The cue for the Homo Goonus habit cycle is plain boredom. They have to do something about it. Simple uh? Cues don’t have to be elaborate at all.

So, what is the reward? That’s right, the elimination of boredom! See, it really is simple. And what are the responses that get Homo Goonus from cue to reward? Right again! Burn Jita, Hulkageddon and declaring war on high-sec carebears are all responses to the cue of boredom intended to bring about the reward or, in this case, the end of boredom.”

Mabrick’s discussion of how to survive an all-out war is fascinating, in particular, and will probably be useful reading for many EVE players in the future.

Meanwhile, the Nozy Gamer discusses the fallout of the Goonswarm’s war on “high-sec” (high-security, aka safer, areas in EVE), and their declarations of war on specific bloggers like Mabrick

“I have to say that the target selection for the Ministry of Love has been, shall we say, questionable. Sure, in propaganda value going after morons like Krixtal Icefluxor not only looks good but does the entire Eve Online community a huge favor and probably deserves some sort of commendation. But the target selection needs some work.

The poster child for bad target selection is Mabrick, the blogger who writes Mabrick’s Mumblings. I’m still trying to figure out what The Mittani (and yes, I’m convinced The Mittani was involved in the target selection) was thinking when he chose Mabrick for retribution. Does he have so much contempt for high sec dwellers that he automatically assumes they all will wilt under his glaze and either bow down to him or slink away from the game? As you can read from Mabrick’s post today about the lessons he learned from the Goons’ war on his 3 man corporation, Mabrick didn’t fit the profile that the Ministry should look for, at least at this point in the Ministry’s development.

The war on Mabrick reminded me of President Obama’s war on Fox News back in 2009. When someone with that much power goes after someone whose business is using pixels to disseminate information, some of that power is distributed to the target. The decision to end the war against Mabrick was the correct decision in order to limit the damage the Ministry of Love did to itself. Given that The Mittani, unlike U.S. politicians, tends to learn from his mistakes, I don’t expect to see a repeat of that performance.”

As always, the politics of EVE are fascinating – and it’s interesting to see the Goons on the back foot twice in the recent past. Could it be that the tide’s turning in EVE? Or will the Goons stage a comeback?

What do you think of the Goons declaring war on bloggers?