SWTOR Price Misunderstandings and Quickfire Dev Updates

A quick weekend catch-up to get us back on track after my week of playing rather than writing about games

  • Inquisitor’s Roadhouse laments a common MMO problem – players who want crafters to, essentially, work for them for free“One of my fellow crafters jumped in and noted that we have to spend 4+ minutes crafting each of our 10 items that we have to RE in order to make each kit. And that further, the materials for making those crafted items sell for 1-3k a piece on live servers, making your base cost for materials anywhere from 40-120k depending upon your server economy. To which our heckler replied “Go farm the mats.””
  • Zoso at Killed in a Smiling Accident looks at the options popular MMOs offer for play in bite-sized chunks of time“My favoured option is the PvP warzones, 8v8 instanced fights with themes like “Kill The Dude With The Thing (Then Take The Thing Somewhere)”, “Click On The Thing (Then Stand Near It)”, and my favourite (and catchiest of all) “Click On A Series Of Things Then Swap Around And Stop The Other Team Clicking On Those Same Things”.”
  • DevSpy is a neat new tool that tracks all developer posts from popular MMOs – old-timers like me will be reminded of the old .finger trackers from the Quake days.
  • And post-E3, Justin Olivetti at Massively breaks down the confusing price options for the new LoTRO expansion“I am excited about Riders of Rohan as a whole but underwhelmed by the bonuses and features in these different editions. It’s a very pricy expansion, even in its cheapest edition, and I think that Turbine’s yet to really sell us on the bump of quality and content in Rohan to justify this increase.”

Anything from E3 you’re really excited about?