Secret World Servers, Market Manipulation, Moving Wallpapers and Immersion Failure

From financial regulation to Just Plain Pretty, here are the other great posts around the blogosphere I came across today:

  • The Godmother asks whether, in light of the financial shenanigans in the real world, we should consider regulating the production of virtual gold“It has become clear that people expect their games not simply to deliver entertainment, but to do so in a way that does not rely on scandalising and sensationalising the environments the gamer plays in. If that’s the case for these issues, should the case not extend to those games that allow the player to manipulate the virtual world to a point where it could be seen to give them an unfair advantage over others?”
  • Keen sits down for some soul-searching as he asks why he’s no longer being immersed in modern MMOs“I remember working hard to build a house in SWG, wondering if I could turn it into a shop and get people to actually visit and purchase my goods. I remember my first two days in EverQuest when a RL friend of mine introduced me to a couple other players — we met in a dark corner of Freeport and in hushed tones they asked me if I wanted to join… their guild. It wasn’t roleplay when I got goosebumps and felt the anxiety of what it meant to associate myself in a game with other people, and what we might accomplish together in this brand new completely untouched world.”
  • And for your daily dose of the Pretty, check out Disciplinary Action’s neat new project – moving desktop wallpapers of familiar Skyrim and WoW scenes

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