Reconsidering WoW’s LFD

With SWTOR’s own LFD tool ahead of us, is it time to reconsider WoW’s own sometimes-loved, sometimes-hated Looking For Dungeon tool? It would appear so!

Today we’ve got five bloggers with radically different opinions and ideas on the chaos that is Looking For Dungeon. From those who hate it to those who love it to those with ideas to improve it, here we go:

  • Stubborn at Sheep The Diamond has been giving LFD one more go recently, but his experiences have left him more confused and despondent than ever“I know there’s jerks out there. I’ve dealt with them in every dungeon. Now even the neutral people seem to be siding with the jerks, though. Are there really so many that it’s easier just to become one than stand up against them?”
  • The Aggronaut has returned to LFD after a stint in SWTOR, and discovers that he has rediscovered the dungeoneering fun“Too much frustration had built up, over too many things not directly related to gameplay. Coming back now, I have a new pair of rose colored lenses and my buffer of bullshit has been emptied out. “
  • Spinks looks at reports like Stubborn’s, above, and asks has LFD fundementally changed for the worse, and if so, why?“My usual reaction would be “You chose to queue for a random group, don’t complain if the random players you got were rubbish,” but if this is more than a few isolated experiences and has become a trend, it may speak to something more systematic in the player base. “
  • Matticus is promoting a controversial idea – he thinks Blizzard should release Mists with no raids at all – just dungeons“Let’s make it a little more interesting. Open raids up after week 2 of release. This gives time for players that can’t take the 72 hours off straight from work or school to level to max at a more forgiving pace.”
  • And Klepsacovic at Troll Racials Are Overpowered advances his healthcare platform – oops, sorry, too much West Wing – I mean his radical, detailed proposal to make LFD looting fairer“Because inflation is not an issue, RDKP can be safely traded without creating adverse incentives because it cannot be farmed except by joining groups that spend it, so that instance running transfers RDKP without creating it, just as player-to-player trade would.”

I must admit to remaining in the “Not A Fan” camp for LFD – but it’s interesting to see how widely other players’ experiences vary!

As we run up to Mists, what do you think of the current LFD experience?