Reality and MMOs Collide

Most of us play MMOs to escape from reality into another universe for a few hours. But sometimes, reality and MMOs get far too close for comfort.

From the reality of the impact of developer layoffs to psychological blunders, MMORPGs and RL appear to be uncomfortably close today…

  • Steve Danuser at Mobhunter, former Creative Director at recently-closed MMO developer 38 Studios, speaks of the personal impact of the demise of the studio“Work was tough and the pressure relentless, but so, so joyous as well. I got to work hands-on with R. A. Salvatore, taking the framework of a world he created and building it into something huge, ambitious, and wonderful. I watched amazing artists undertake the most startling transformation of concept paintings into game assets that I’ve ever seen. “
  • Tobold examines the impact of the AH on Diablo 3’s fun potential, and makes a case that Blizzard have managed exactly the opposite of the much-balyhooed “gamification” – workification“Blizzard’s Diablo 3 AH basically removes these game reward elements from Diablo 3, or at least makes them much rarer. They are replaced with an activity that functions more like work: A constant and steady farming and collecting gold activity in the game, with minor highlights of selling items on the auction house.”
  • And The Ancient Gaming Noob looks at the way crafting materials work in MMOs, and begs for something a little more plausible“leaving aside the rarity factor and the technology required to fashion rhenium (a furnace, hammer, and anvil aren’t going to cut it), when it comes down to it, some sort of steel alloy is going to make for a better weapon or base for a suit of armor nine times out of ten.”

Had any close encounters of the RL kind in your MMOing lately?