Player-First Storylines, Altaholic Bullet Points, and Building a Guild Site

And rounding off today, something for everyone, from guides, to humour, to thinking!

  • Stubborn at Sheep The Diamond writes his “must have in an MMO” list, and it’s an unusually detailed, well-considered and interesting bit of thinking“Exploration has been vastly underprivileged in the Bartle archetypes. Sure, people who like to explore can just go do it on their own, by why not reward them for what they do? Why not have Mount Stubborn for a few hours until the node spawns and someone else gets it?”
  • Zellviren at Unwavering Sentinel offers some thoughts on how to make a guild site a useful part of your guild’s life“The best websites, of any type, are almost entirely user-driven. You could create and administrate the greatest and most interactive site the universe has ever had the pleasure of clapping eyes on, but a community that doesn’t care about it will see it fail and devolve into a tumbleweed soundfile.”
  • Melmoth at Killed In A Smiling Accident offers 16 unwavering rules of altaholism / altitis“2. If at any point you consider yourself satisfied with both your character’s appearance and class, it is guaranteed that in the next five minutes you will see another player whose appearance or class appeals to you more than your current one.”
  • And Clockwork at Out Of Beta considers WoW’s frequent NPC-led raid endings, and asks if it’s possible to do them differently“I feel a bit like we’re dealing with the fictional Baron Munchhausen; the NPC’s are more or less helpless (have you seen how long it takes Tyrael to kill a Fallen?) and we’re actually the only reason they survive….and yet they act like they did all the work all along.”

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