NBI Spotlight

As the Newbie Blogger Initiative closes, I thought I’d take the opportunity to highlight some great posts specifically from NBI bloggers.

We’ve been reading NBI blogs all month, of course, and whether you were aware of it or not, if you’re a regular reader you’ve already read some great pieces from NBI writers. But this time, we’re just featuring the NBI – so enjoy these new voices:

  • Why I Game writes a lengthy but extremely interesting piece on A Tale In The Desert’s various minigames – making charcoal, alloying and more – ATITD is quite unique in MMOs, and this piece gives a good insight into it – “And the automatic macro either breaks, or eats so much wood over manually controlling the ovens that I end up wincing and being that guy who snatches the controller and says “Let ME do it.””
  • Casually Vicious looks at the time commitments MMOs demand, and offers some experience-based suggestions for the time-limited MMO gamer“I realize SW:TOR’s big selling premise is that they focus on the story. This is done through having voice-actors perform while you wait. They blab on while you just sit there and dumbly stare at the monitor instead of participating.”
  • Diminishing Returns looks at the male-character-as-power-fantasy issue that Doone identified a few days ago, and discusses whether the concept’s worn out“When we start to question the assumptions around power and delivering thrills in video games, I believe that we can start to see more multi-faceted depiction of men and masculinity.”
  • Dreadblade looks at “E-Sports” from the perspective of a professional sports coach“From an emotional standpoint the anticipation of battle, the frustration of failure, the rush of success – it’s all there. In my guild I have found my place in a team again.”
  • And lastly – if you’re looking for more NBI action, Syp’s closing the month out by hosting NBI awards – go vote!“I wanted to host a quick award show to highlight some of the many, many amazing blogs that has come out of this.”

Spotted any gems from NBI writers this month?